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Making Change Possible

Welcome to The Momento Group, a company that implements change for organizations seeking to improve operations, enhance growth, and manage assets. Our company provides business solutions and support to the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We utilized a person-centered approach to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether it be the administration of your non-for-profit entity, the creation of a brand and rollout of a new marketing plan, the restructuring of your business to improve growth, or the need for a resource allocation plan to better expand your operations: we have the means to provide you with in-depth, professional solutions that are customized to meet your needs.

Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profit agencies operate under difficult conditions, living on the graciousness of their donors and time of their volunteers. The services they provide not only benefit us all, but frequently are necessary for the functioning of a healthy society. Given the limited funding and mostly all volunteer base, non-profits face unique problems growing their outreach while maintaining a sufficient administrative arm to oversee all aspects of operations and development. At The Momento Group we have found that helping agencies outsource and restructure the bulk of administrative tasks frees up the board and senior staff to focus on programs and development. If your charity finds itself knee deep in paperwork without time to create new and improved ways of providing your valuable community services, then we think we can help. We have the skills and depth to help you gain ground and refocus, so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Public Sector

Many public agencies are compelled by their leaders to offer better services with less resources. This task is found by many to be nearly impossible due to the limitations and structure of government. We have worked with various authorities to help them find innovative approaches in solving this ongoing problem. While it is impossible to continually increase services with less and less revenue, it is possible to do good with less, provide more with better and more efficient use of resources. In this way we have found that helping agencies create and formulate a plan identifying where services are most used, most needed, and most effective helps ease the transition from old to new by least impacting those most in need. Our approach combines the best of private sector innovations along with best of government practices to adapt and build better service models while respecting the awesome task faced by many in government today. If you think your agency is ready to look outside the box and begin the march towards more responsive and effective government, give us a call to see what we can do to help you with your mission of change.

Private Sector

Large scale businesses have learned that they can achieve a significant cost-benefit by tapping outside business services entities for effectuating a solution based approach to many problems. Plainly put, big business realizes that outsourcing certain projects and problems is good for business: it provides a fresh perspective, taps deep talent, reduces red-tape, and allows for solutions to rise about corporate politics. Many small to medium sized businesses have not considered the benefits from outsourcing core functions like, marketing, brand creation, public relations, re-organization, cost-benefit analysis, administration, financial affairs, and growth planning. At The Momento Group we specialize in reaching these business owners often when they are faced with the unfriendly dilemma of either focusing on building their business or keeping things running smoothly. We step in and help create, implement, and oversee a plan for continued operations and improved growth, while recognizing that small to medium businesses often operate on small margins. By providing stellar services combined with a personal touch, creativity, and an awareness of the bottom line we have helped many in need grow without regrets. If you think your business is currently in need of assistance in developing a strategy for growth, or in resolving operational issues, please look at our services page and then contact us to set up a free consultation.



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